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Reetech is a factory located in Shenzhen China, a port city in China's Southeast near Hong Kong, was one of the first to be designated as a special economic zone when the country began liberalizing its economy. Shenzhen has highly developed logistics and manufacturing industry.

As a manufacturer of precision parts, Reetech mainly provides CNC machining parts,we can process Aluminum alloy,Copper alloy,Stainless steel,Engineering plastics,Carbon and Alloy steel ect. Our products are all customized, you may provide 3D models,technical drawings,samples,or other technical parameters,then we evaluate,quote, redesign and machining. So far, Reetech has established long-term and stable relations with many customers in different industries, such as medical, communications, electronics, cars, robots, safety protection, etc. Our products are sold all over the world, especially in Europe and North America.
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